Articles and FAQs regarding our Industry Leading 5 year warranty programe.


Your new Exobyte Computer or Exobyte-branded accessory comes with:

  • A two-year limited hardware warranty including parts + labour
  • A five-year unlimited warranty inluding labour
  • Unlimited technical support

In addition to the standard limited warranty, you may have the option to purchase extended protection for your product (not available in all markets). More details on the warranty and other frequently asked questions are included below.

We provide a post-service warranty for devices that have been serviced or replaced by our service center. The length of the warranty depends on whether the service was in-warranty or out-of-warranty:

  • In-warranty service: If your product was serviced or replaced within the original warranty period, you receive either the balance of your original hardware warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer.
  • Out-of-warranty service: If your product was serviced outside the original warranty period, your replacement or serviced device will have a 90-day hardware warranty.

You can contact support either through our live chat system here, or by emailing us directly at [email protected]

Device repairs can be submitted through our RMA form here. If there are any personal costs associated with the repair, those costs will be described to you before you complete your submission. If you have questions during the submission process, you can contact support for assistance.

You should also receive status updates through the email address you provided when you submitted your device for repair. If you have questions about the status, contact support.

A pre-paid shipping label will be provided to you with an exact address once approved for the RMA process. The product can then be dropped of at a parcel-shop of your choosing.

Before you send your product in for service, make sure you check out our guide on how to prepare your device for a service.